How to sell?

1. Click on the "Sell game currency / account / boosting / other" button on the page of your chosen game.

2. Select the currency, accounts, game or services that you want to sell. Please fill in all fields and make sure all information is correct. Click "Save.

3. If you want to make any changes to your list, click on the" Sell game currency / account / boosting / other "button on the game page of your choice.

4. On your profile page, you can make any necessary changes to your lists, including their deactivation or deletion

I delivered an order but the buyer did not confirm delivery.

You can try to contact the buyer and ask for confirmation of order delivery. However, if the buyer does not confirm this after 48 hours, the order will be automatically completed by the system.

The buyer logs into the game account during boosting or replenishment of the service. What should I do?

Please take a screenshot as evidence and email it to us so we can investigate the matter. You can also contact the buyer directly using the Aligamers app to resolve a problem or arrange order completion.

SalesTracking and Cancellation System Sales

1. When a new order comes from a customer, the order status is "new order". "New order" means that the seller has not reviewed the details of the delivery or have not yet confirmed the execution of the order (this seller has 1 hour after which the buyer can get your money back). If the buyer asks to cancel the order at this stage, the order will be immediately canceled.



2. When the seller clicks on the "Confirm Creating order" button, the order status will change to "Sending goods". The seller will be able to see general information about the delivery, and the seller has 6 hours to start fulfilling the order (if there are no additional agreements in the chat with the buyer). 6 hours after that, if the seller has not delivered the goods, the buyer will have a "Dispute" button to invite the administration and resolve the dispute

3. Once the seller uploads screenshots or videos confirming order completion and confirms delivery of all items, the order status will change to “delivered” and the buyer will no longer be able to request cancellation of the order, but they can aggravate the problem if the buyer and seller cannot reach a solution ( seller must upload all proof of delivery).

4. As soon as the buyer confirms receipt of all goods and leaves a review, the order status will change to “completed” and then go to the moderator for verification.

5. within 48 hours, the moderator must check the legality of the transaction and close it, only after that the seller will be able to receive their money.

How to request payment?

1. Go to the "Balance" section and click the "Withdraw" button.

2. Select where you are going to withdraw funds.

3. Select the required amount for withdrawal.

4. Click on the "Withdraw" button to withdraw funds.

Why are my funds placed in reserves?

Funds are reserved in the event of a trade dispute or problems with your Aligamers account. We will require your cooperation to facilitate the investigation, and once the dispute is resolved, the funds will be returned to your account.

What is the service charge for selling on the Aligamers Marketplace?

There are no registration fees and you can customize your listings for free. further Aligamers will charge a commission for each successful transaction depending on the value of the order and the type of product.