General questions

Advantages of working with Aligamers

If we compare Aligamers with a regular store, the advantages are obvious:

First, the best price. There is always competition between sellers on our exchange. Prices change by leaps and bounds, allowing buyers to get the best deals on the Internet.

Secondly, instant delivery. Since you buy without intermediaries, directly from sellers, you not only get the best price, but also instant delivery, because all goods are in stock and therefore immediately handed over to you.

Third, honest reviews. After making the payment, the buyer has the opportunity to write a review about the seller's work, and even before the order is completed. We are extremely interested in the reliability of reviews from sellers, and we promptly respond to any case of "cheating" - this is strictly prohibited by our rules. A negative review can be removed by the buyer who wrote it, resolving a dispute with the seller, or with a full refund.


Over the years, Aligamers has become popular and has gathered a huge audience of sellers and buyers around the world, which allows you to buy and sell goods or services as quickly as possible and at the best prices.

Technical execution

We really love our website and work it out to the smallest detail using the most advanced technologies. Every button and every interface element is carefully designed and protected for the most convenient and safe use of our platform. No compromises. Therefore, the security of your personal data and funds is under maximum protection from third-party interference from third parties.


Our team members are formed by a group of experienced gamers who have been in the industry for over ten years. We understand the demands and needs of fellow gamers in the gaming community and have built this platform based on our fundamental beliefs; a platform that delivers prompt shipments, reliable customer support and a seamless experience while protecting the interests of buyers and sellers. Most importantly, we want all gamers in the world to have a central platform where great benefits and convenience are realized.

Can I request a game not listed on the website?

If you would like to sell a product or service for a specific game, but it is not listed on our website, please email us providing the URL of the game's official website. Our team will then review your request to add a game as soon as possible.