GamerProtect for Buyers

Rest assured that every time you make a deal at Aligamers. GamerProtect ensures that sellers fulfill your order as described above.

1. GamerProtect will cover a buyer's purchase when:

- The buyer has not received his order.

- The goods received by the buyer do not match the description of the goods.

2. GamerProtect does not apply to the following:

- Buyers have checked and confirmed receipt of the order.

- Buyer's remorse.

- Transactions made outside of the Aligamers Marketplace.

- Any amendment by the game developer / game publisher after delivery has been successfully completed.

3. GamerProtect does not cover fraudulent claims. We reserve the right to take legal action and permanently suspend a buyer's account for filing fraudulent claims.

4. Buyers should only confirm receipt of your order after you have verified that the item received matches the description on the product listing and is in working order. Confirmation of receipt of your order indicates that you are satisfied with your purchase and agree to release payment to the seller.

5. The buyer is deemed to have accepted the purchased goods and / or services if, within twenty-four (24) hours of delivery of the purchased goods and / or services, the relevant buyer has not submitted any claims, questions and / or complaints to Aligamers. There is no refund for orders paid to the seller.

6. All sales contracts are strictly between the respective seller and the respective buyer with the complete and absolute exclusion. Aligamers do not provide any after-sales services. Aligamers may, but is not obligated to, assist the buyer or seller in the event of any dispute following the conclusion of any sales contract.

7. In the event of a trade dispute, buyers have 24 hours to respond to our request for information by providing evidence for verification. We will consider the issue resolved and will close the dispute if the buyer does not do it within the agreed time frame.

8. All payment disputes or chargebacks are not covered by GamerProtect. We will discontinue our investigation and any request, including a refund, will not be honored if such a situation arises.

9. GamerProtect is not a product warranty.

GamerProtect for Sellers

Sell your wares on the Aligamers Marketplace with peace of mind and let GamerProtect handle all the due diligence needed so you can focus on your trades.

GamerProtect Vendor Coverage:Recoverable

1.Liability: This is applicable when the purchaser attempts to file a chargeback. Given that the seller can provide complete proof of delivery based on our service requirements, the seller will be fully refunded.

2. Your account and product list must comply with our terms of service, which will be covered in the GamerProtect section.

What is not covered by GamerProtect:

1. Product or services not as described

2. Failure to fulfill an order

3. Willful fraud or fraud - the seller's account will be permanently suspended and Aligamers reserves the right to withdraw all payments paid to the seller and go to court ...

Delivery Confirmation:

1. Please upload your Delivery Confirmation immediately through your Sold Order page after your order has been delivered. We will no longer accept proof of delivery sent to our mailbox. If proof of delivery is not found on your sold order or is downloaded within the agreed timeframe, we will assume that the seller has not provided proof of delivery and will decide on this basis in the event of a trade dispute. The system will now support uploading both graphic and video files:

(a) supported format: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, mp4, 3gp, mov, wmv, avi, flv

(b) size limit: maximum 100 MB per file

(c ) Quantity: Maximum 10 files per order

2. For orders over $ 500.00, the seller must keep a copy of the video evidence. Some games may also require video proof regardless of the amount traded, please refer to our guidelines.

3. For account maintenance, this includes a screenshot of the account information such as the email login and password you provided to the buyer through Aligamers.

4. For games that support email notifications, screenshots of these notifications indicating changes made to the sold account, such as login IP or device changes.

5. Any screenshots to confirm the completion of transactions should also be included as evidence.

6. For other gaming services, screenshots or video evidence must consist of the buyer's character ID, quantity before and after delivery.


Aligamers actively monitors all market activity, but you can help identify any suspicious activity by letting us know if you find that any user is in violation of our terms and policies, including any exploits, abuse or extortion for private transactions.