How can I register for an account?

1. On the main page Aligamers, click one of the "register" buttons in the menu.

2. Enter your future nickname, email address and password.

3. Specify the phone number that will be linked to the account, after which a call will be made to this number. You will need to enter the last four digits in the check box.

How do I log into my account?

1. Click on the "Login" button in the menu above.

2. You can login through your social account, Google or enter your email address and password to login.

3.If you are unable to log into your account, click the "Forgot your password?" shown on the login page for password reset.

I forgot my password

1. Click on the "Forgot your password?" Button and then enter your email address.

2. Check your inbox and junk mail folder for a reset link.

I forgot my e-mail address.e-mail

We have no way to find out the address, only to reset the password

1. Click on the "problem to log in" button and enter your mobile phone number registered with us.

2. Then you will see the email address associated with the specified phone number.

How do I change my profile picture?

1. Click on your profile name in the menu.

2. From the drop-down list, click Settings.

3. In the open window, click on the Change avatar button to upload a new one.

How do I change my profile password?

1. Click on your profile name in the menu.

2. From the drop-down list, click Settings.

3. In the open window, click on the Change password button to change the password.

How do I delete my account?

While we hope you never leave Aligamers and reconsider your decision, we understand that you can take a break from time to time. You can ask us to deactivate or delete your account by contacting our customer support team.

What is two-factor authentication (2FA)? How can I configure or deactivate it?

In the process of adding to the site.

When entering the site, a 6-digit code is sent to the mail to enter the service.

Why is my account suspended or restricted?

Account suspension and restriction may occur for, but not limited to:

- A private transaction or transaction outside of Aligamers

- Suspicious behavior or fraudulent activity

- Anomalies in account activity

- Violation of the terms of service

- Fraudulent claim such as applying for a refund funds after receiving the order

- Asking users to complete the transaction before the order delivered

is- Creating multiple accounts

- Operating the Aligamers system

- Harassment, spam, insults and any inappropriate behavior

- Any violation of the rules of our site

If you feel that you have been unlawfully suspended from work, you can file an appeal by contacting our customer service team.

Notifications (Push, E-mail, WhatsApp, Telegram)

Push notifications are small pop-up messages that appear on the screens of various devices. They work in Chrome, Firefox and Chromium-browsers (Opera, Yandex.Browser) on computers and Android-devices.

Once enabled, you need to visit our website from each device (computer or phone) on which you want to receive pop-up notifications. For example, if you want to receive notifications on your phone, then you need to log into your Aligamers account from your phone at least once.

Unfortunately iOS does not support push notifications from any sites, so if you are using an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, etc.), you will not be able to receive push notifications from us.

Alternatively, you can set up email notifications - they come to the address associated with your account. Set up automatic mail checking on your phone (Android, iOS, etc.) to always be in touch.

And also set up notifications via WhatsApp and Telegram messengers, and then you will receive notifications in the messenger of your choice.

How do I register as a seller?

1. Before you can register as a merchant, you must first register for an account with Aligamers.

2. Click on the "Sell" button

3. If you have not passed the verification in this case, the possibilities of your account will be limited

4. You must go through verification to remove the restrictions on deposits and withdrawals.

What are the deposit and withdrawal restrictions for sellers and buyers?

1. Unverified input 50 $ withdrawal 20 $ per day delay 48 hours

2. Verified input 2000 $ withdrawal 300 $ per day delay 48 hours

3. Silver Verified 5+ transactions input 2500 withdrawal 400 delay 36 hours

4.Bronze verified 100+ transactions input 2500 withdrawal 1000 delay 24 hours

5.Gold verified 500+ transactions input 2500 withdrawal 1200 delay 12 hours.

6. Blocked without the possibility of depositing funds.

When entering the withdrawal of amounts exceeding the permissible limits, a window pops up offering to pass the KYC verification.

How can I complete seller verification?

WeChat scanner is currently not supported.

We recommend that you use your mobile device with the following browsers for verification, as the camera of the mobile device is capable of capturing images more clearly than the webcam or computer:

Android: Firefox / Chrome

iOS: Safari

1. Scan the QR code with the barcode scanner app installed on your mobile phone or tablet.

For iOS: you can use the stock camera app with a built-in QR scanner.

For Android: You can install QR Scanner Apps from the Play Store.

Alternatively, you can also check this through a web browser on your computer using a webcam.

2. Prepare your document. Please note that only physical identification is accepted for payment. Place your document (a valid driver's license, passport, or government-issued ID) precisely in the frame. Make sure the image is clear, glare free and the wording is legible. Then click on the camera button to capture the image.

3. Click the Confirm button after successfully capturing a clear image. Otherwise, you can retake it again.

4. Now do the same for the back of your ID.

5. Then confirm again after you have captured a clear image.

6. You will then be prompted to take a selfie. Click the Start button now to continue.

7. To take a selfie, position your face exactly in the frame. Remember not to wear sunglasses, a hat, or any accessories that might get in the way of your face. When you take a selfie, be sure to stand against a transparent wall.

8. Follow the instructions given (making an expression such as a smile, like a camera).

9. Then press the capture button to take a selfie.

10. Confirm that you took a clear shot, or click retake if you want to try again.

11. The system will notify you when you have successfully completed the process.

12. If you have problems with the correct photo, you can contact our support team for help. Please indicate your mobile phone model and browser, attach a screenshot / video so that we can help you fix this problem.

Why do I need to submit my identity documents for verification?

Aligamers is a company doing business in regions where we are subject to anti-money laundering (AML) regulations. As such, we are fully committed to working with Monetary Authority to improve and adjust internal monitoring measures and mechanisms in accordance with international standards and applicable local laws and jurisdictions.

Part of this process will include verifying the identity of our user using reliable and independent source documents, information and data (also known as KYC or Know-Your-Customer), especially since our business includes transactions and money transfers in foreign currency.

What is seller rating and how do you know if a seller is reputable?

By opening a seller's account or a page where an offer from a given seller is posted, you can always see the registration date of this account, its verification status, the number of transactions made to these sellers, as well as the number and quality of reviews indicating the amount of the transaction for each review. Based on these criteria, you can probably recognize a bona fide seller.

How do I report inappropriate behavior?

Aligamers do not tolerate inappropriate behavior. If you find any ad or user behavior inappropriate, please notify us immediately by chatting or contacting support